About us

5Gtariffanalysis.com is published by Telecoms Pricing - a subsidiary of Tariff Consultancy Ltd (TCL). TCL was founded in 2006 by Margrit Sessions, who previously headed research company Tarifica.

TCL is a London-based international telecoms research and consultancy, which provides a series of Tariff Tracker subscription services for LTE 4G services and smartphones, among other research services. All research is supported by TCL's unique global pricing database.

The Research Director of 5Gtariffanalysis.com is Keith Breed, who has 25 years experience in the telecoms industry.

5Gtariffanalysis.com provides dedicated access to a range of 5G news and research from TCL including the Path to 5G - Pricing & Services, a quarterly research subscription service, tracking the trends for 5G regulatory developments, technical trials, business cases and launch plans prior to the launch of 5G services due from the end of 2018 onwards.

With launch 5Gtariffanalysis.com will analyze 5G pricing and plans as they enter service.